The thermal cutting machines in coordinates , oxy-gas and plasma cutting, type MDOP 250/16-CNC, are designed to cut regular steel plates having thickness between 5 and 250/16 mm, by ensowing with proper burners and plasma equipment.

Technical data

Max. overall sizes of the plate to be cut: 2 500 mm x L  mm (L= 3000 – 12000 mm)

Max. thickness of the plate to be cut: 250 mm (oxy-gas cutting) respectively 16 mm (plasma cutting)

Electrical power: 1Kw – for oxy-gas, 16 Kw – for plasma equipment

Weight, netto: 3 200 kg

CNC: tip GN CNC S6

Cutting head (BRENNER) ATOG – M-220=1 piece – 3 pieces

Plasma cutting equipment type: POWERMAX 1650