Having the tradition in manufacturing of the machine-tools and metallic structures, the company offer, the followings complete products and:

  • Designing activities, modern technologies, technical solutions;
  • Modern welding processes, shootblasting, corrosion protection;
  • Optimal technologies for machining and plastic deformation;
  • Classical painting process, packaging, delivery;
  • Technical quality control;
  • Assemblies and services activities;
  • CE type certification.

The materials we use for fabrication have a very good quality, guaranteed with certification issued by suppliers. In our designing activity we use modern software for dimensioning and verification of the welded structures and also 3D modelling and detailing.

The products are delivered with guarantee and quality certificate and if necessary CE type certificate. On client request we can take over the transport to the clients site.

Other fabrication machine tools repairs:

  • Mechanicanil presses;
  • Hydraulical presses;
  • Guillotine shears;
  • Milling machine.

other specialized equipments/components for domains:

  • Metallurgye;
  • Aeronautics;
  • Navy;
  • Auto;
  • Crude oil and gas;
  • Chemistry industry;
  • Agriculture;
  • Constructions;
  • Coal extraction;
  • Energy production plant;
  • Domestic stuff industry.