With an over 40 years experience in machine-tools manufacturing, Mirfo produces and sells the followings:

  • Complete machine-tools, machine-tools parts, spare parts;

  • Welded structure for ship industry;

  • Sheet metal processing line and equipments for metallurgical industry;

  • Welded structures for aeronautics industry;

  • Specialized machines adapted for different activities

    The quality is indispensably and it is confirmed by our clients

Our products

Regular/standard products:

  • Hydraulic presses
  • Mechanical presses
  • Guillotine shears
  • Tubes curving machine
  • Press-brakes
  • Band saws for mechanical cutting
  • Oxy-gas and plasma cutting machines
  • Uncoilers and coil cutting lines
  • Metallic structures for stone-crushers
  • Another requested machines on theme

The products are manufactures in compliance with own designs or our client’s documentation. On request we are able to offer technical documentation for machines on theme.

Other services

We can offer the services as follows:

  • Repairs for machine-tools and general use equipments
  • Machine-tools and equipments modernizing
  • Spare parts manufacturing
  • Carrying out welded structures
  • Different machining
  • Service

Our excellent services quality are accompanied by guaranty.

Quality certify

The exigency in reference with the quality determined us to getting, maintain and continuous improving of products/services.

Having a remarkable potential of production we are able to adapt ourselves to the market requests, to maintain our partners from: Germany, France, Italy, Austria, Sweeden, Belgium, Spain, UK, USA, Egypt, UAE and Thailand, all these by both production diversification and quality.

The continuous preoccupation for quality improvement and results over the time conducted to  Quality Management System implementation and preserving in compliance with SR EN ISO 9001.

The complete products are delivered with CE certificate and Conformity Certificate.